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Are you looking to start your VA journey? or are you looking to move your VA solo business to a VA Agency?

Do you love learning online at your own pace? Or do you prefer learning one-on-one via Zoom or in-person?

Here at the VA Institute we offer fantastic range of programs to suit where you are in your VA journey and have programs to suit your learning style.

Our programs are perfect for those who are interest in setting up their own business for sustainability, as well as those who are already established and are looking to move their business from 'me' to 'we'.

It's as easy as comparing the options, then choosing the program which suits your needs.

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Two easy ways to start your own Virtual Assistant business


VA Quickstart Program

This entry level, fully online, self-paced program is perfect for those who need the foundational skills to turn their dream of a Virtual Assistant business into reality.

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VA Startup Program

Our signature VA Startup Program is perfect for those who are interested in setting up their own fully launched business in fun, interactive sessions - where our team creates your website and logo, making your launch simple.

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Or take your VA business from solo to a team


VA to Agency Program

The VA to Agency Program is the VA Institute's all-inclusive answer for VAs who are moving from solo to a team... designed to take you from overwhelmed to confidently starting your VA Agency.

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We exist to unlock excellence in people and business

Our Manifesto


We believe we are all capable of achieving excellence.

But perhaps you're not there yet.  And you're not alone.  Some of the smartest, most ambitious people we know are still trapped in a job they hate.  So they end up just performing.  Sucking it up just to get things averagely done.

But we believe you have a choice...

To play to someone else's standard and be miserable,

or to be so damn good at what you do that people will come from all over to watch your light burn.

We believe that when people are given the freedom to play to their strengths, they achieve excellence.

We believe excellence begins with a desire to be a master of their craft so they can reach their full potential.

It's not just about work that's "better than good".  It's choosing exceptional over mediocre.  It's an outward expression of one's inner integrity.

And when everyone operates at this level of excellence, a world of incredible opportunities opens up.

This is why we exist.‚Äč

We are here to blaze the trail for you to rediscover your strength and play it to your advantage.

To fan into flame unwavering confidence so you can finally break free from whatever is holding you back.

To launch you into success through excellence.

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Ingrid and her team have been amazing. They provided expert information and training during our one-on-one Zoom sessions, covering every aspect of setting up a new businessfrom technology, software, finance and legal through to securing new clients and providing exceptional online assistance.

Ingrid shared her wealth of knowledge and experience on how to create and grow a successful VA business, plus the motivation and support to help me reach my goals.

I can't wait to launch my new business!


I just completed the VA Startup Advanced Program - AMAZING!

Can't believe i wasted money on another Admin / VA course that turned out to have no practicalities.

THIS course through the VA Institute is giving me so much confidence and everything I need!


I was a Stay At Home Mum looking for ways to reboot my career after having kids.

Someone mentioned to be a VA. After endless searches and conversations with many professionals I can across VA Institute. Ingrid and the team were amazing from the first call. Ingrid has been an amazing mentor to me, and the support provided by the VA Institute is second to none. Due to the ongoing support and continuous education I have grown personally ad within my business, and I have the team at VA Institute to thank!

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