Being a super-connector with special guest Peace Mitchell

Season #1 Episode #8

Connecting with others is an important step in growing your business. In this episode, we welcome our first special guest Peace Mitchell who will share fabulous tips and insights on connection and networking and how it will help us. Peace is the co-founder of the Women’s Business School and Ausmumpreneur Awards.     In this episode Peace tells us about starting and growing Ausmumpreneur Awards and Women’s Business School.  The importance of the connection economy and becoming a super-connector.  Tips for embracing connectivity in your life.  Misconception on networking.    Links: Clubhouse @peacem  Peace Mitchel LinkedIn  AusMumpreneur Website  AusMumpreneur Facebook  AusMumpreneur Instagram  The Women’s Business School Website  The Women’s Business School Facebook  The Women’s Business School Instagram  The Women’s Business Collective Facebook Group  See for privacy information.