Futureproof your Career

Futureproof your Career

Hosted by: VA Institute

A weekly podcast for VAs by VAs hosted by Ingrid Bayer from VA Institute covering everything you need to know to build a successful and profitable Virtual Assistant business in today's changing world.


Being a super-connector with special guest Peace Mitchell

Season #1 Episode #8

Connecting with others is an important step in growing your business. In this episode, we welcome our first special guest Peace Mitchell who will share fabulous tips and insights on connection and networking and how...
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Why boundaries are so important to your success

Season #1 Episode #7

Setting boundaries in your business and personal life is such an important process you need to do, especially when you’re venturing into your own business. Many people struggle with having firm boundaries, especially...
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Mindset is everything p2

Season #1 Episode #6

In the previous episode, Ingrid and guest talked about having an entrepreneurial mindset and the benefits it can bring to your personal and entrepreneurial life. But, apart from this, it is also important to have a...
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Mindset is everything p1

Season #1 Episode #5

An entrepreneurial mindset is a key element of building a fantastic VA business, or any business for that matter. This is what we are focusing on in this conversation. This is the first episode of a 2-part...
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What exactly is a VA

Season #1 Episode #4

Do you want to become a VA? In this episode, Ingrid and guest talk about the nuts and bolts of what VAs do. They discuss the things you need to start, the initial costs, and the collaborative nature of the people in...
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Secrets of Superstar VAs

Season #1 Episode #3

What does it take for you to become a superstar VA? In this episode, Ingrid and guest list down the secrets of what makes up a superstar VA. It’s a really interesting topic that will help you become the best VA you...
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Ingrids story

Season #1 Episode #2

In this episode of Futureproof Your Career Podcast, we’re going to dive deep into Ingrid Bayer’s story about how and why she started the VA Institute. Working on her business as a side hustle then finally jumping in...
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Our why for this podcast and who we are

Season #1 Episode #1

In the first episode of the Futureproof Your Career Podcast, Ingrid Bayer of the VA Institute and guest, talk about who the VA Institute are and our why for doing this podcast. Our goal is to make it a welcoming...
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